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Updated: Mar 22, 2023


In today's world, we hear a lot to talk about Innovation, Creativity, and all those things around products and services in a changing world.

When you work with Creative teams the most important and at the same time complicated is to bring them to their most!!

Why offices like Adobe, Google, and more have designed spaces full of color, and activities such as playing video games, soccer, and more?? there is a reason why and it's because creativity is really into being happy, if the team members are not happy they are blocked... YES BLOCKED!!

New generations are into being happy.. that means if you as a leader knows how to keep them in your company or organization make them easier to be happy BOOM!!! you have a very creative Team.

Are creative people happier?

In short, yes - creative people do seem to be happier.

"For example, a 2015 study showed that people are more creative on days when they experienced more positive emotions. In the study, over 600 young adults kept a diary for 13 days, recording both their creativity and positive and negative emotions.

Creativity was found to be the highest on days with high-activation positive emotions like feeling excited, energetic, and enthusiastic. Medium- and low-activation emotional states like happiness and relaxation were also beneficial for creativity, just not as strongly." By Maili

Creative exercises to make you happier:

  1. Mood boards and inspirational boards- dreaming helps a lot to transform them into goals!!

  2. Dance every single day- even in the shower

  3. Go out of your comfort zone- by doing something new where you are not the best!!

  4. Write about your ideas Immediately- Build a creative Journal.

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