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Focus on quality conversations with quality customers

How you qualify your leads!! Whats your costumer funnel?? For you when a contact person is going to convert into a costumer??

First a Call, and there you have to discover if this costumer has the quality and the power to become THE COSTUMER

Is this person on the phone the decision maker?

This person or company has the budget to make the purchase?

Always try to understand by key questions if the person in front if you or at the other side of the phone is worth your time…im not saying this in a bad way but when you are on sales you know the famous sentence “time is money”!! And is truth because every call you make, every visit you have or meeting can be converted into money or time lost so it depends on your capacity of reading the lead you have. The more leads enter the funnel better??? It depends really on the efficiency and the accuracy of the people that is contacting you or your company…. A measure of success is not how many visits i have in my web page or how many people come into my store… the  real KPI IS HOW MANY i convert and how much they spend each time, because sales are not only now… short time but a costumer i normally say that is like when you are dating you have to do something every day, you need to have new ideas, disruptive ideas and this is called fidelization.

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