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WOW... wait now we solve problems?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Carolina Ballesteros


For many years they have been talking to us about design, about being innovative, about listening to our consumers to find out their needs...and yes! The most important thing is to be able to identify what problems there are and thus be able to give them a solution...hoping that this is the best solution and we can find our gold mine.

There are problems in the streets, at school, at the university, and even at home... I'm not talking about psychological problems, but also, in this case, we're talking about needs-type problems, such as opening the door an easier way, washing pets, and many more.

Innovating and designing with innovation is finding a better way to do everyday work and we all do that in our day to day.

What we need is that according to our business or means of action, we find problems focused on our consumer or call client. In this way, we begin to see and analyze what is the best way to come up with a product or service that in this case is the solution to my buyer's problem.

Sometimes this does not have to be completely new but through a process, we can see if an existing product can be offered to a new client or an existing client we must give a new solution.

We should always think about knowing exactly what moves our client, what he is passionate about, what worries him, and what bothers him....we must know how he moves, where he goes, and how he thinks...careful sounds a bit harassing, However, this is what we must do, obsess over our consumer and understand the segment to which it belongs. The more we know, we know that they need us or the market, but we can give it to them.

So, like a good fisherman, go out and find, observe, analyze, and look carefully at what the market and the client are asking for.

Go and give new solutions to the world!!!

And remember if it also helps the earth and people it's even better!!!

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